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New Nebraska Course: Real Estate Investment and Management

VanEd is proud to be the online home for the Nebraska REALTORS® Association GRI: Graduate REALTOR® Institute program. The Nebraska GRI 105: Real Estate Investment and Management is being offered online to Nebraska REALTORS® for 15 hours of GRI, Graduate REALTOR® Institute credit. This course covers all aspects of Real Estate Investment including comparing investment properties, understanding profit and risk potential, and analyzing individual investment opportunities. The course also discusses tax and management issues in investment real estate.

Topics covered in this new GRI course include:

  • Explaining the basic factors affecting investment in real property
  • Description of tax liabilities commonly associated with investment property
  • Analyzing techniques used to determine quality investments
  • How to assist an investor client in understanding financing options for investment property

Students will receive GRI credit for completing VanEd’s online course in Nebraska. For details, visit the Nebraska Graduate REALTOR® Institute program online by clicking here.

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Rizwan Ahmed
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