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Book Review of Odette’s Alphabet
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Written by Sandrine Marlier

Ages 5+ | 64 Pages

Publisher: Belle Isle Books | ISBN-13: 9781953021519

What to Expect: peace, mindfulness, self-reflection

Odette’s Alphabet is more than a traditional alphabet book; it is the story of Odette’s mindfulness journey presented through each letter of the alphabet by drawing attention to a piece of the tale and accompanying activity.

One day, Odette—an ant—wakes up feeling stressed. After realizing that all she does is work, she decides to leave her anthill to understand her surroundings better and bring peace and balance to her hectic world. Along the way, Odette befriends a mouse named Marcus, and together they discover ways to feel better. Buoyed by this new friendship, she returns to her colony with renewed vigor and a desire to share her new outlook on life with other stressed ants.

Longer than a traditional alphabet book, readers will enjoy the story of Oddette’s journey and take away many helpful lessons and ways to incorporate them into daily life. Author Sandrine Marlier has cleverly crafted an interactive workbook within her mindful story. Odette teaches readers various meditative techniques, breathwork, and gratitude journaling while encouraging readers to be calm and present in the moment. Younger readers will enjoy learning different ways to express big feelings, while older readers will appreciate the many ways to deal with stress. 

In addition to the engaging writing provided by Marlier, Oddette’s story is told through soft, flat illustrations provided by Leonardo Scihiavina.  Using a palette of browns, oranges, reds, and yellow, Schiavina provides readers with a warm and cozy feeling, perfect for practicing mindfulness. 

Odette’s Alphabet is the perfect book for teaching and practicing mindfulness at any age.

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About the Author

Sandrine Marlier woke up one day in her New York apartment feeling out of sorts. She realized that no matter how many trips she would take around the world, thanks to her modeling career, only a journey within could bring her peace. Eventually, she trained with world-renowned meditation teacher davidji. That training inspired this book, as she found herself drawing an ant and a sound: A, the beginning of all beginnings. Sandrine is a mother, meditation teacher, transformational coach, and Reiki practitioner. She shares free meditations about healing and empowerment on Instagram (@sandrinemarlier).

You can connect with her through her website, www.sandrinemarlier.com.

Sandrine Marlier: Author Headshot

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