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Oklahoma Real Estate License Background Check Process

Notice to Applicants Regarding Fingerprint Application Process

If you are an Oklahoma Real Estate License student and have not already submitted your fingerprints to the Real Estate Commission, please be advised that since April 5, 2019, all original applicants must utilize the IdentoGO electronic fingerprinting services by Idemia.

Real estate license applicants are required to schedule a short 10-minute appointment to submit a fingerprint-based national criminal history record check at a nearby IdentoGO center

Please note that since April 5, 2019, the Oklahoma Real Estate Commission no longer accepts mailed fingerprint cards.

All costs associated with the national criminal history record check should be collected by Idemia. These costs, the methods of payment, identification requirements, and the location of the closest IdentoGO enrollment center should be communicated during the appointment scheduling process.

Appointments Are Required

To schedule an appointment, all applicants should be directed to https://ok.ibtfingerprint.com. Next, the applicant

  1. Select “Schedule a New Appointment”
  2. Select “Oklahoma Real Estate Commission” from the Agency list.
  3. Follow screen prompts to complete scheduling your appointment, then visit the IdentoGO center at the scheduled date, time and location.

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