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OTs can view rapid delivery care cot packages that meet urgent client needs at event next week – AT Today – Assistive Technology

Occupational therapists (OTs) can view in-stock rapid delivery care cot packages that quickly achieve safe outcomes and meet urgent client needs at the upcoming Kidz to Adultz South event.

Theraposture cot packages can be fully installed within two weeks. This service has been set up to meet the growing demand for urgent sleeping solutions following hospital discharges or when a child is at risk.

Kidz to Adultz South takes place on Tuesday 16 May 2023 from 9.30am-4.30pm at Farnborough International Exhibition & Conference Centre.

A Mascot will be on stand F1 demonstrated by Theraposture trusted assessors. It is a fully modular, adjustable care cot. Its unique, flexible design can be adapted to meet changing user needs, which negates the need to purchase a new cot in the future.

The Mascot is a cost-effective ‘cot for life’, available either as a tailor-made product or as part of an in-stock Mascot package, which can help OTs and families achieve long-term value and safety.

Theraposture provides two choices of cot package, which include an electrically adjustable Mascot with either 60cm or 98cm high doors so varying user needs can be met. Each cot is supplied with a specialist mattress and full height soft padding with soft clear windows to allow visual access both in and out.

Neutral padding colours have been chosen for ease of reissue. Each cot fully complies with BSEN60601-2-52 and BSEN50637 standards.

Typically, by choosing a Mascot package, safe outcomes can be achieved quicker as specialist cots can take weeks or months to source, build, and supply, which is “simply not acceptable” when a child and their family are faced with an unavoidable unsafe scenario, says Theraposture.

Alongside the Mascot, the Timmy adjustable cot will also be on show at Kidz to Adultz South, which provides a safe solution for users with more complex needs.

The Theraposture trusted assessors will also be on hand to explain the ‘Challenge us on price’ scheme, which aims to better any like-for-like quote.

Theraposture recently unveiled two new paediatric travel care cots, Tobi and Nils.


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