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Our 35 Picks for End-of-Year Teacher Gifts

Yet another school year is almost in the books! But before you think about summer vacation, why not consider giving the teachers in your life end-of-year teacher gifts? They deserve it! Whether you’re a room parent, a fellow teacher, or a parent looking for ideas, we’ve gathered a variety of end-of-year teacher gifts that fit every budget.

(Just a heads up, WeAreTeachers may collect a share of sales from the links on this page. We only recommend items our team loves!)

1. Thank-You Note

Never underestimate the importance of a heartfelt thank-you note! Students can create their own, or you can buy this printable card that lets them add color and add their own message.

Buy it: Colorable Teacher Thank-You Card at Etsy

2. Gift Cards

Amazon gift card -- end of year teacher gifts

Gift cards are one of the best end-of-year teacher gifts because the teacher can choose whatever they need or want. Amazon and Target are reliable choices, plus check out our full list of favorite gift cards here.

3. Crumbl Cookies

Chocolate chip cookie

If I see a pink box on the workroom table, I stop whatever it is I’m doing and search for a piece of a cinnamon roll cookie. These cookies are delicious and this sugar fix can make the whole teaching team smile.

Buy it: Crumbl Cookies at Crumbl Cookies

4. Why You’re the Best Teacher Ever Journal

Why You're the Best Teacher Ever book

You can also take your thank-you note a bit further with this sweet fill-in-the-blank book. Your child can fill it out on their own, adding illustrations if they like. Or for a truly special teacher gift, coordinate with other parents to have each kid in the class contribute a page. That’s a keepsake that a teacher will treasure forever!

Buy it: Why You’re the Best Teacher Ever Journal at Amazon

5. “Amazing Teacher” Jewelry

Gold chain teacher bracelet gift with box and note

The perfect sentiment for 2023. It’s simple and classy to fit any teacher’s wardrobe.

Buy it: “Amazing Teacher” Jewelry at Etsy

6. Shop Local

Support your local businesses! Look for stores with unique gift items. Some gifts to look for: a book from your local bookstore, a handmade soap, a candle from your local boutique, or a gift card to your favorite ice cream shop.

7. Easy-Care Plants

Easy care succulent plants

I don’t know about you, but I love plants around the home! These are perfect for summer, and then teachers can bring them to school to decorate their desk come fall. For more ideas, see our favorite plants for the classroom here.

Buy it: Lewondr Succulent Pots, Set of 4 at Amazon

8. A Tote Bag

Simple tote bags with external pockets in rose, blue, and sage green

Teachers carry a LOT of stuff back and forth from school to home. Help them pack up their classroom in style with this basic tote that has lots of external pockets. It comes in several colors, and multiple teachers gave it 5-star reviews. Find 40 more teacher tote ideas here.

Buy it: Tote Bag at Amazon

9. Customized Keychain

Customized keychain -- best end of year teacher gifts

Teachers are never far from their set of keys! This handmade leather option, customized with their name, is a perfect end-of-year teacher gift.

Buy it: Keychain at Amazon

10. A Teachers Pay Teachers Gift Card

Even if it is the end of the year, teachers will always appreciate the ability to add to their arsenal of resources with this handy gift!

Buy it: TPT Gift Card at TPT

11. Five-Minute Journal

Five minute journal

This reflective journal is perfect for teachers. In only five minutes a day, they can start to think beyond the chaos of the year and reflect on all that’s happened.

Buy it: Journal at Amazon

12. Customized Notepads

20 Great Stocking Stuffers for Teachers

Personalize this set of four notepads for your teacher so they can jot down reminders and ideas with a personal touch.

Buy it: Notepads at Amazon

13. Custom Video Montage

Instructions for making a Tribute video montage

Another one of the best end-of-year teacher gifts. Assemble a video montage with Tribute! Their easy-to-use tools allow you to do it yourself, or you can pay a little more and have a professional put together something spectacular.

Buy it: Tribute Video Montage

14. Photo Keepsake

Photo apple for teacher end of year gift

Got classroom photos? Why not make them into a custom photo keepsake for your teacher? It’s like a Zoom session for the wall!

Buy it: Photo Heart at Minted

15. Teacher Pens

Flair pens for teachers

Teachers LOVE pens, and for most, Flair pens top the list. This set comes in cool colors and yummy scents, and they’ll use them all summer long. Find more favorite teacher pens here.

Buy it: Paper Mate Flair Scented Felt-Tip Pens at Amazon

16. Fidget Desk Toy

Fidget desk toy

I have students come up to my desk just to chat or ask a question and they always end up grabbing my pencils or pens or flipping through sticky notes. I know I’d appreciate a fidget toy that I could set on my desk and have it be useful and enjoyed by my students.

Buy it: Fidget Toy at Amazon

17. Personalized Teacher Library Stamp

Personalized teacher library stamp (Best Teacher Gifts)

Teachers build their classroom libraries with loving care. Help them keep their selections from disappearing with a personalized stamp like this one. (See more teacher stamps we love here.)

Buy it: Self-Inking Teacher Library Stamp at Amazon

18. Mug Warmer

Best Gifts for Teachers Warmer

We never suggest a teacher mug (teachers have plenty of them!), but this one allows all those mugs to be put to use. They can keep their morning coffee and tea hot all summer long.

Buy it: Mr. Coffee Mug Warmer at Amazon

19. Bouquet of Blooms

Bouquet of Bouqs assorted, colorful farm-fresh flowers on a table, as an example of teacher appreciation gifts

Start the summer off right with beautiful blooms from Bouqs. These flowers are sourced directly from farmers who use sustainable growing practices like minimizing waste and recycling water.

Buy it: Farmers Choice Bouquet at Bouqs

20. Desk Charging Station

Wooden desk charging station

Sometimes a teacher needs to keep their items organized! Cords for a phone, tablet, watch, headphones, and more can easily become a mess, making this one of the best end-of-year teacher gifts. This desktop organizer is so helpful and convenient.

Buy it: Desk Charging Station at Amazon

21. Kindle Paperwhite or Fire

Kindle Paperwhite and Kindle Fire- end of year teacher gifts

If you’re looking to splurge or for a gift from the whole class, the Kindle or Fire from Amazon is perfect for teachers. If your teacher already has one, consider a Kindle Unlimited membership.

Buy it: Kindle Paperwhite or Fire HD 8 Tablet at Amazon

22. Amazon Echo Dot Smart Speaker

Amazon Echo Dot smart speaker

Smart speakers with voice search built in have so many uses in the classroom. These little gems are so affordable now that they make great gifts for teachers. The Amazon Echo Dot is one of our favorites, since it’s so easy to use and coordinates with other Amazon products.

Buy it: Amazon Echo Dot at Amazon

23. Treat Them to Dinner

gift cards to different restaurants

A gift card to go out to eat would be a delightful treat for an exhausted teacher. Give them a gift card like this that allows them to pick and choose what fits their preferences and what may be convenient to them.

Buy it: Gift Card at Amazon

24. Scalp Massager

Pink scalp massager, scrunch, and shampoo brush kit- end of year teacher gifts

This scalp massager has been a viral sensation. Allow your child’s teacher to pamper themselves with a little scalp massager. Pair with a shower steamer or some cozy slippers and this gift would be a welcomed relaxation basket.

Buy it: Scalp Massager at Amazon

25. Sunglasses


Sunglasses can be one of the great end-of-year teacher gifts! Give them some shades as they prepare to catch some rays outside and take in their summer vacation. Pair these with a book and they are set for the season!

Buy it: Sunglasses at Amazon

26. A Good Book

Atomic Habits book cover

Teachers read professional development books and stacks of papers all year. Sometimes it can be challenging for them to carve out reading for pleasure. Atomic Habits has been on my TBR stack for a while now. If not this one, find one you think would fit your child’s teacher. Maybe even include a handwritten note on the inside!

Buy it: Atomic Habits at Amazon

27. Capri Candle

Blue candle- end of year teacher gifts

This candle has stood the test of time. Every time I’ve been in a store where they are burning a Capri candle, I ask someone what kind of candle I am smelling. Treat your teacher to a sweet-smelling retreat.

Buy it: Capri Candle at Amazon

28. Earrings

Gold hold earrings sets

This classic set of earrings will make your teacher smile. They are lightweight, have great reviews, and go with anything!

Buy it: Gold Earrings at Amazon

29. Beach Bag

Brown tote bag

It’s the end of the school year, so let your teacher trade in their tote bags for a beach bag! This one has great reviews on Amazon. It comes in many different colors and is perfect for them to tote a towel and book to the water. Help them get their summer started!

Buy it: Beach Bag at Amazon

30. Golf Balls

Yellow and pink golf balls- end of year teacher gifts

Does your teacher like to hit the links in the summer? I choose my golf balls based on their color, and I chose these because they’re fun. Buy your golf-loving-teacher some fun golf balls for their summer.

Buy it: Golf Balls at Amazon

31. Teacher Mug

Mug with definition of English teacher

This English Teacher mug will make your teacher smile and look forward to keeping it for years to come. It’s witty and simple and thoughtful.

Buy it: English Teacher Mug at Etsy

32. A Giveaway Gift

Airbnb logo

Give your teacher the gift of travel by purchasing an AirBnb gift card! This can be used to go toward a giveaway, or look for a particular staycation like a fun tree house or cabin in the woods or a lake house near you and set the amount. This would be on the pricier end of gift-giving but would be a welcomed surprise!

Buy it: AirBnB Gift Card at Amazon

33. Cloud Mug

Blue mug and plate with white cloud decorations- end of year teacher gifts

These cloud mugs are adorably invading the internet! I can picture an art teacher loving one of these mugs. They are so cute and fun! Pair with their favorite tea or K-Cup.

Buy it: Cloud Mug at Amazon

34. Simple Modern Water Bottle

Different color water bottles

Get your teacher a water bottle that has 5 stars on Amazon with glowing reviews. They can take this with them on their adventures throughout the summer and bring it back with them in the fall to start another year.

Buy it: Simple Modern Water Bottle at Amazon

35. 100 Hikes of a Lifetime: The World’s Ultimate Scenic Trails

100 Hikes of a Lifetime: The World’s Ultimate Scenic Trails by National Geographic book cover- end of year teacher gifts

For your adventure-prone teacher, get them an inspirational gift like this book, 100 Hikes of a Lifetime: The World’s Ultimate Scenic Trails by National Geographic. They can pick and choose hikes to pursue and use their summer crossing hikes off their list. They’ll never forget the student who got them such a thoughtful and long-lasting gift.

Buy it: 100 Hikes of a Lifetime at Amazon

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What are your favorite end-of-year teacher gifts? Share in the comments below!

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