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Painting VR Gets A Spring Refresh Update On May 9

Painting VR goes spring cleaning in its latest update, adding a zero gravity mode and updated visuals next week on Quest 2 and Steam.

Released last year following 2021’s App Lab launch, Oisoi’s Painting VR offers a more casual sim than Vermillion, focusing on acrylic painting instead of wet-on-wet oil painting. Announcing the 2023 Spring Refresh, the latest update includes a zero gravity mode, support for seated play and “many quality-of-life updates” like dry and un-dry paint options. That also introduces a visual overhaul, which you can see in the trailer below below:

We praised Painting VR back in 2021, comparing its physics to Boneworks and stating how its “accessibility, quality, and mesh of ideas that break reality exactly when you want them to really struck us as something special.” Since receiving its full release last year, Painting VR on Quest now supports multiplayer, Meta Avatars 2.0 and mixed reality passthrough.

Painting VR is available now on PC VR via Steam and the Meta Quest platform, while the Spring Refresh update arrives on May 9.

Rizwan Ahmed
Rizwan Ahmed
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