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Pedagogical Acumen: Engaging Instructional Designing – Part 1

According to Merriam-Webster, pedagogy is the “art, science, or profession of teaching.” This includes various aspects of teaching, and there are many elements of pedagogy, such as teaching styles, feedback, and assessment. In short, pedagogy is the study of different teaching methods. Typically, it is somewhat attached to the K-12 public education realm. However, it has a much broader perspective when we connect that with how we work with adults.

In this webinar, Zoa Bonofiglio discusses pedagogical acumen and using it to create engaging instructional design.

Zoa is currently working on a dissertation and often speaks to individuals who’ve come into instructional design from an educational background, but never expected to end up in eLearning. There are just as many who came into instructional design from very different fields. There’s a lot of research and reading material around the idea of the “accidental instructional designer.”

Pedagogical Perspective

In this webinar, Zoa talks about how designing from a pedagogical perspective can help you create more engaging learning content that engages your learners and is relevant to their job roles. 

There are 4 guiding questions one should ask before developing eLearning from a pedagogical perspective.

4 Guiding Questions

  1. What educational goals/purposes/outcomes should the course seek to attain?
  2. What educational experiences can be provided that are likely to achieve the stated purposes/goals/outcomes?
  3. How can the learner experiences (activities/deliverables) be effectively organized (scope/sequence/design)?
  4. How will it be known that the purposes/goals were attained?

Instructional Strategies + Management Techniques + Curriculum Design

= Effective Pedagogy

Zoa also mentions the concept of “backward design,” which is starting from the end goal (behavior change) and working back from there. 

Watch the entire webinar recording to learn more about how building up your pedagogical acumen can improve your instructional design.


Join us for Part 2 on May 9. Register here.


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