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Plans to abolish NYC Gifted and Talented Program

Plans to abolish NYC Gifted and Talented Program

Well folks, it looks like the NYC Gifted and Talented Program may be coming to an abrupt end if the current Chancellor of the NYC Dept. of Ed. has his druthers.  The jury came back with a strong and resounding GUILTY verdict as it pertains to alleged unfairness, racist and downright elitist program for the gifted and talented. Everyone, of course, has the right to their own opinion but this so called committee obviously had it in for the G&T program before they even officially met.  They took their marching orders from the Chancellor and got in line with his own personal agenda of doing away with one of the few silver linings of the NYC public school programs.  Based upon the report, the committee is now suggesting desegregation of students so every school in New York City eventually represents the same exact demographic by race. Welcome back to the 1970’s where children were bused to various schools that were in some cases an hour (or more) from their home all in the name of “fairness”. For those of us old enough to remember we know how that ended (spoiler alert: it was a complete disaster).  Many things seem so good in theory until you actually think through the consequences, and one if this ridiculous proposal made by a bunch of political hacks.  In other words, did they even think through this? Based upon what I read, that answer is NO! No big surprise there.  Here are initial thoughts of what comes to mind:

  • There are major benefits to some district wide programs that have GT classes if the gen ed program isn’t strong. The GT classes raise the overall state scores. It also looks good on the city to have some schools (Anderson, NEST) score super high on state tests.
  • School overcrowding if the G&T program goes away is another issue – downtown, UES, UWS , Park Slope – many kids in these areas go to GT programs. If the GT programs go away all of the sudden there are hundreds/thousands vying for space at an already overcrowded gen ed school.
  • There will be a mass exodus of GT teachers if the program goes away. Many GT teachers only want GT students since it makes their job easier.
  • There will be a mass exodus of families from NYC who can’t afford private school (over $50,000 a year) and their new public option of mediocrity isn’t suitable for their child.  They will all move to the suburbs.
  • The solution should be more GT programs throughout the city (especially in under represented areas), not less. When we have a bunch of political hacks running the DOE so what else should we expect.  Many parents in areas like the Bronx still have no idea this program is even available for their child.
  • How about making the G&T test required for all U pre-K students and parents can “opt out” if they want to. This would dramatically increase the number of minority students (Hispanics and African Americans) admitted into the program based upon the sheer volume of students who would end up taking the exam.

Here are a couple of good articles written by Alina Adams on the topic:

People always ask how did someone like Giuliani ever become mayor New York City. Well folks, it’s when things like this happen that even the most staunch liberals are outraged and they will for sure go to the ballot box in 2021 when the new mayor of New York City is elected.  De Blasio isn’t eligible to run for mayor again after his 2nd term in office. I know, such a shame.  Maybe he’ll end up being President?

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