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Powered mobility device to help people with limited mobility better access the hospitality industry – AT Today – Assistive Technology

Centaur Robotics is looking to use its Centaur device to help people with limited mobility better access the hospitality industry and thus help the hospitality industry access the Purple Pound market.

The Purple Pound refers to the spending power of disabled households. The spending power of disabled people and their families is valued at £249 billion a year.

The futuristic, sleek design of the Centaur aims to combat the stigma that often accompanies mobility devices. It could also offer a solution for older guests who have difficulty getting around, allow users to order at the bar, and access all parts of a hotel where a lift is fitted.

Eric Kihlstrom, the chairman of Centaur Robotics, said: “The Centaur will make a huge difference to people’s lives and allow those with limited mobility to fully enjoy the hotel and restaurant experience and stand out for the right reasons.”

The device fits into the space of a dining chair, spins in its own footprint, and raises the user to eye level.

Centaur Robotics is developing a service for the hospitality industry which could see the Centaur feature regularly in hotels, offering improved mobility for guests.

The two-wheeled, self-balancing device won the Microsoft Award for Inclusive Guest Innovation at last year’s Blue Badge Access Awards.

Judge Michael Vermeersch, digital inclusion lead at Microsoft UK, described the Centaur as a “solution that gives back independence”.

“It touches a problem area that is indeed in need of innovation,” Michael commented. “We can see the Centaur being used to transport people to their hotel rooms or for excursions during their stay.”

The Blue Badge Access Awards have launched to reward exceptional accessibility and inclusivity shown by venues in the hospitality, leisure, and tourism industries in 2023.


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