Preparing Students for Non-Academic Post High School Opportunities


 by Dawn Spence, SPED Homeschool Teaching Manager 


Homeschooling through to graduation is an extremely helpful way to help a student prepare for a trade or a certain career. For some learners, this post high school opportunities may include college, but for others not. Below we have compiled videos and articles for parents of students who may take may take more alternative paths post high school and are wondering how to prepare their uniquely gifted student at home for whatever they plan to do after high school. 


Where to Start

Some high school students do not know what path or career they are interested in.As parents who know our children best, we can guide and assess our students. Here are some of our articles and videos that might help:


Thinking Outside the Box 

Everyone’s path is as different as our learners. Here are some sources that can help guide you in the right direction.


Sound Advice From The Trenches 

Your child’s future is unique, as no two paths are the same. Some are bumpy and some are hard. Don’t compare your child to anyone else. In the end, other families that have gone before can provide encouragement, perspective and advice. 



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