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Printable Mother’s Day Poem and Craft – The Educators’ Spin On It

Create a special keepsake with this rainbow themed Mother’s Day Poem and Craft idea!

Printable Mothers Day Poem for Kids

Do you have a special Mom that you would like to wish Happy Mother’s Day too? Create a rainbow with crayons, paint, torn paper or even watercolors and print out this Mothers Day Poem. Better yet have your children read it to Mom.

Mother’s Day Poem for Preschoolers

Print this adorable Mother’s Day Poem for Preschool.

Here’s are the many reason why “My MOM is a Rainbow.”

Mother's Day Poem

Print your own My Mom is a Rainbow Poem HERE

Looking for Mother’s Day Art?

We recently made a MOM Painting Project with Colors and I thought this poem would be the perfect match to it. Such a simple mother’s day painting but the impact is adorable on a mother’s heart this year.


Mother's Day Poem and Craft

Rainbow Clipart from MyCuteGraphics.com

Sometimes it’s hard to say out loud all the things that we see in our Moms. I feel so very lucky to have an amazing Mom that has helped me to become the Mom that I strive to be every day with my 3 children.

We hope you take time today to tell the Moms around you how special you think they are to you.

Mother’s Day Craft Ideas for Kids to Make

Mother and daughter with mothers day card hugging

Happy Mother’s Day from The Educators’ Spin On It

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