Real Estate Memes: How Funny Posts Can Grow Your Real Estate Business


Social media has developed into a strategic tool for real estate marketing. Having a multichannel presence is important for agents everywhere because it allows you to promote your listings and services while also providing educational and informative content to your network.

In addition to educational and promotional posts, it can be helpful for real estate agents to incorporate humor into their digital marketing strategy.

So, how do you get a viewer’s attention quickly? Sharing real estate memes, funny pictures relevant to your local area, or GIFs that display jokes your subscribers understand. This can be a great way to help with your social media posts while growing your realtor business.

In this post, we’ll go over why you should be incorporating funny real estate posts into your digital marketing strategy and how it will help your realtor business grow, we’ll even share some tools for making your own fun content, plus some tips you should follow when making content.

Real Estate Memes In 2022

Memes are a fun real estate marketing strategy that is popular with agents and can make your audience laugh, so even though you have important tasks to finish like segmenting real estate leads in your CRM system or making appointments with potential clients, you shouldn’t see memes as a distraction.

Memes are a great way to quickly attract viewers browsing your social media channels. They remind people that even serious subjects can be fun and entertaining, which is why many people love to share them. It’s also an appropriate approach to present your brand and your services.

As soon as you notice that a real estate meme is trending online, try to come up with a way to use it across your social media channels or even on your blog to help you connect with your targeted demographic.

How to Create Real Estate Memes

Although you can find and share memes that are already created, making your own memes is the best approach to draw as much attention as possible to your social media platforms. These realtor memes will be original to your business, gain exposure as people share them, and showcase your unique real estate branding and personality.

Fortunately, creating your own memes is affordable and simple thanks to well-developed online tools.

Here are some efficient online tools that can be used for creating real estate memes:

1. Canva

Easily create memes using Canva to have access to an extensive collection of free and premium templates. With an easy, built-in design editor, you can choose fonts, upload your choice of images, and perform advanced personalization. You can also customize your memes with Canva’s thousands of free stock photographs, icons, and graphics.

2. Imgflip

One of the most popular online meme generators is Imgflip. Using a selection of free fonts with customization features, you can add text to pictures. Advanced font editing and animations are also available.

You can create memes, GIFs, and charts on Imgflip. This is the tool you should consider selecting when you want advanced animation. This program differs from previous meme generators in that you can enter text and have it automatically appear on the image using fonts that are ideal for memes.

3. Meme Generator

Meme Generator is exclusively for creating memes. To create a meme, you can select which pictures to upload or choose a pre-built template. This tool is often used by investors and realtors to create online memes.

Helpful Tips for Creating Real Estate Memes

Here are some tips for agents, brokers and brands who want to incorporate real estate memes in their digital marketing campaigns:

1. Build a Strong Meme Library

It’s essential to develop a library of memes that you can appropriately reference to before you start posting realtor memes, whether that means using existing memes or creating your own. Be sure to gather enough memes so you have various options and won’t have to utilize the same one again because memes, especially trending ones, don’t stay relevant for long.

2. Be Consistent with Your Brand Identity

Maintain consistency with your brand identity and voice when implementing memes in your social media campaign. Realtor memes are widely shared based on real-world concepts and accurate situations. Many real estate agents can relate to those moments of awkwardness, such as a seller being present at an open house or the stress involved in the real estate transaction, so use those instances to resonate with your audience.

Avoid using offensive language, images, and other inappropriate content because doing so could damage your brand, causing you to lose your audience, and resulting in the loss of potential prospects and existing clients.

3. Relate to Your Audience

It’s important to study your audience and the demographics of your clients and prospects to craft your marketing messages accordingly and ensure you are reaching the right audience with the right content. They might choose to unfollow you and switch to another agency, or they might choose not to share it with their network if they’re not happy with the content you’re posting.

For example, if your target audience are first-time home buyers or millennials, the largest generation of homebuyers, memes can be a trendy and engaging form of content that attract attention to your profile and help you build a connection with the younger generation. However, in this case, your marketing messages will be different from a realtor whose target market is senior living. In real estate, it’s important for your target audience to feel as they can relate, especially on social media.

4. Avoid Politics

Never mention a topic that can create hostility and provoke uncomfortable or unnecessary conversation. It’s important that all brands and agents avoid making a reference to politics in any content you post.

Why You Should Use Real Estate Memes

Real Estate Meme - Success

Research shows meme-based content receives more social shares and encourages people to engage with brands. Memes can help you humanize your brand and demonstrate how you make the otherwise complex process of real estate buying, selling, and investing funny and stress-free.

For the best results, use edgy and humorous messages in your real estate memes to ensure your memes drive brand awareness and engagement. Memes that resonate with your audience will be shared over again, promoting your real estate services to their network. This marketing strategy will help you connect with your social media audience while gaining influence and targeting more people.

In addition to increasing your online exposure, sharing funny real estate memes can also help you develop relationships with prospects to help your realtor business grow and succeed.

Written and Published by: VanEd


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