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Review: A Case with a Bang

A Case with a Bang is part of the Detective Gordon series of books (number five), able to be read as a stand-alone story.

A simple, gentle, slightly quirky mystery novel for younger readers, it features two animal friends who are both detectives. 

Detective Gordon is a toad, and an older and more experienced police officer. He’s also retired, currently spending time reading books about trolls. Detective Buffy is a mouse. Both of them love cake.

Detective Buffy is trying to uncover who has been making the noise that’s keeping Badger awake. Ironically, Badger is hard of hearing and takes some convincing when Buffy arrives to investigate.

Meanwhile, Detective Gordon is meeting with Helmer, an enthusiastic young squirrel who is interested in being a police officer.

Badger’s rubbish bin has marks all over the lid, a crow passes on message that could be a clue, and there are mysterious break-ins. Mice, rabbits, otters, hedgehogs, owls, moles and others  — and trolls who like baking — make an appearance. Can Detective Buffy figure out what’s going on? Will Helmer and Detective Gordon be able to help?

A Case with a Bang is written by Ulf Nilsson, acclaimed award-winning Swedish author of more than 100 books for children. The Detective Gordon novels have been translated from Swedish to English with pictures by Dutch illustrator Gitte Spee, who depicts the cast of characters as appealingly cute, colourful creatures.

A Case with a Bang‘s short chapters are great for emerging readers. Detectives Buffy and Gordon end the story by recording three important pieces of information, wisdom learned from the case, which is also excellent advice for readers.

Title: A Case with a Bang

Author: Ulf Nilsson

Illustrator: Gitte Spee

Publisher: Gecko Press, $17.99

Publication Date: March 2023

Format: Paperback

ISBN: 9781776574889

For ages: 6-8
Type: Junior Fiction

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