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Review: Do You Love Oceans?

Do You Love Oceans? is a compendium of underwater creatures, known and unknown, presented in stunning images of all shapes and sizes. 

These contents are a valuable learning experience for young and old.

On this journey of discovery, we uncover how corals and sharks, frozen oceans, kelp forests, weird fish and other marine life exist and survive. 

Areas of where they can be found are represented on maps.


The impressive  collection of marine life species will amaze and delight children with its in-depth presentation.

Did you know that lobsters keep their teeth in their stomach?

In this underwater world full of movement and colour, the sea snake is the only reptile born in the sea.

Brought to life through the humorous depictions of the subjects which seems to be the secret ingredient for engaging readers’ interest, this is a treasure book of information with strange names to learn and unusual creatures to learn about.

What is a tasselled wobbegong?

Every page is covered in coloured illustrations and suggestions on what children can do to protect our oceans.

This amazing book is the fourth in a series worth looking at by Matt Robertson. The other subjects are Do You Love Bugs? Do You Love Dinosaurs? and Do You Love Exploring?

Large and glossy, the wipe clean pages are ideal for little hands.

Title: Do You Love Oceans?

Author/Illustrator: Matt Robertson

Publisher: Bloomsbury, $ 14.99

Publication Date: 2 May 2023

Format: Paperback

ISBN: 9781526639646

For ages: 4+

Type: Picture Book

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