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Review: Little Lunch: The Slide

The Little
books are a wickedly sparkling series for children (and their adults)
to fall into with hilarity and glee. Cleverly chaotic words and messy, inky
images with line-drawings all intermingle in the most perfect, unexpected and
disgusting ways.

I have to confess that I’m a little bit in love with both Danny Katz and Mitch
Vane. I don’t love them so much I want to marry them (they’re married to each
other, I think!), but I’d come close.

Over the
past decades Mrs Gonsha’s bum (of Little Lunch: The Slide fame!), has
held legendary status in our household. It’s up there with the best Christmas
pannetone and cute baby pandas. Spoken of in hushed tones with just a little
admiration and awe, the power of her polka-dotted, sizeable posterior is
something that cannot be unseen. In a good way.

The Slide contains
three short stories. From Mrs Gonsha’s escapades on the playground slide
(requiring the assistance of her whole class), to an interesting possum in the
sandpit and shenanigans outside the principal’s office, these cheeky and
smile-inducing tales are unforgettable, visceral and thoroughly entertaining.
Even when they make you squirm.

Somehow, the Little Lunch series manages to show children at their best
and worst simultaneously. These books are perhaps ahead of their time in
offering up strategies for building resilience, dealing with anxiety, sharing
and being kind – without ever mentioning those words!

These new
editions contain bonus stuff including puzzles, quizzes, jokes, activities and
all manner of skulduggery. And Little Lunch is now also a television
series to boot!

recommended (except for the squeamish). Check out some of
Elizabeth’s reviews of the other brilliant Little Lunch titles.

Title: Little Lunch: The Slide
Author: Danny Katz
Illustrator: Mitch Vane
Publisher: Walker Books, $14.99
Publication Date: January 2023
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9781760656775
For ages: 8 – 10
Type: Junior Fiction

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Rizwan Ahmed
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