Should We Tuck or Untuck Our Tailbone in Chair Pose? — Jenni Rawlings Yoga & Movement Blog


Thankfully, we don’t actually need to worry about this at all!

Our spine isn’t at risk in chair pose in the first place, and tucking or untucking our tailbone won’t make a difference in this regard.

In general, unless we have a specific goal (other than injury prevention) for instructing tucking or untucking in the moment, we can simply let our students’ bodies self-organize in chair pose.

We don’t need to interfere with or *micromanage* the slight tilts of their pelvis in an anterior or posterior direction.

In our newest podcast, we discuss all of this ⬆️ (and a *ton* of other alignment questions about chair pose!) with much more nuance and detail than we can fit into a single short email.

Join us for this engaging and informative discussion, yoga geeks!


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