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SLPs Lens with Literacy with Elizabeth Doherty


In this episode of SLP Coffee Talk, I sat down with yet another Orton-Gillingham expert, Elizabeth Doherty to talk about all things literacy and language and how we can apply Orton-Gillingham strategies and techniques into our speech therapy sessions. 

Elizabeth founded Manhattan Speech, Language, and Literacy with the mission of spreading her love of reading to all.

Elizabeth’s expertise lies at the intersection of language & learning. As a licensed Speech-Language Pathologist and Teacher with a decade of classroom experience, she is uniquely positioned to understand the complexities of speaking and reading acquisition.

Elizabeth works with students at home in New York or internationally via Zoom. Every session is tailored to the individual strengths and interests of the student utilizing a cognitive-based, multisensory, emotionally sound approach. 

Elizabeth is conducting her own research as a doctoral candidate at the City University of New York, where she is also an Adjunct Lecturer. Her research explores how the underlying linguistic components of word- and sentence-level reading can be emphasized in classroom contexts. She currently resides in Brooklyn with her husband and daughter. 


In This Episode You’ll Discover:

  • How Elizabeth got started with literacy in the classroom
  • How Elizabeth combines SLP work and Orton-Gillingham in her work
  • Why Orton-Gillingham is a better approach for our speech students
  • Fun activities to work on morphology in speech 
  • Speech therapy activities for students building basic phonetic skills
  • Elizabeth’s favorite things to do during Zoom Therapy 
  • How Orton-Gillingham ties into the science of reading


I hope you enjoyed this conversation with Elizabeth! As she said, we are the experts in speech and language so if you feel like it is something that your students would benefit from, feel free to refer them out or even tackle it yourself if you have the knowledge. It really is such a great approach to use with our students!

If you want to learn more from Elizabeth, make sure to follow her on Instagram and check out her website.  

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Joke of the Week:

Q: Why is the letter A like a flower? 

A: The bee always comes after it.


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