Spiders & Bats Alphabet Activities for Fall


Spiders and bats are themes that may be overlooked in the fall, but can be used to transition from early fall themes (think farm and apples) to the middle of fall (think pumpkins and Halloween – if you celebrate it at preschool). Our spiders & bats alphabet activities for fall encourage alphabet identification and allow your preschoolers to be exposed to uppercase and lowercase letters while playing!

The spiders & bats alphabet activities for fall include 6 printables all about the letters in the alphabet! The literacy centers include different leveled options for you to be able to use with your entire preschool class.

Each alphabet activity has its own direction page which gives ideas for additional supplies that will enhance the activity to create the best engaging centers that take only minutes to prep.


The spiders & bats alphabet activities found inside this printable pack allow you to pack more alphabet learning into your preschool days. This can be done in small groups, circle time (we love wall chart games!), independent centers, or as table group work.


The pack includes:

Spider Web Alphabet Match – Identify the uppercase and lowercase letter on the spider and then cover matching letters on the web mat.

Letter Tracing Bats – Use a dry erase marker to trace the uppercase and lowercase letter on the card.

Spinning Letter Spiders – Attach a pipe cleaner to each uppercase or lowercase letter web card and add matching lacing letters or beads as pretend spiders. 

Tactile Bat Cards – Build the letters on the cards using play dough, beads, or even small rocks or stones.

Spider Line Up – Identify the uppercase and lowercase letter on the black spider card. Find the matching uppercase spider and lowercase spider, and line up the spiders to complete each set.

Letter Matching Puzzles – Match the letters on each side of the puzzle together correctly to form the upper/uppercase, lower/lowercase, or upper/lowercase puzzles.



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You will want to grab this set of spiders & bats alphabet activities to add to your daily plans. The prep is takes no time at all and the activities will motivate your little learners!



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