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SPP 169: Math Skills and Math Anxiety

SPP 169: Math Skills and Math Anxiety

#psychedpodcast can’t wait to chat with Dr. Robin Codding again!




Robin S. Codding, PhD, BCBA, is Professor of School Psychology in the Department of Applied Psychology at Northeastern University. She has served as Associate Editor of Journal of Behavioral Education, Journal of School Psychology, and School Psychology Review, and is a recipient of the Lightner Witmer Award from Division 16 (School Psychology) of the American Psychological Association. Dr. Codding’s research focuses on the development and evaluation of school-based interventions, the factors that contribute to student responsiveness to intervention, and strategies to support intervention implementation. Her work has emphasized academic interventions and associated assessment for data-based decision making, particularly in the area of mathematics. She has authored more than 50 articles and book chapters.

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