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STOMP-CATCH-ADD-EXERCISE – Great Activity to Add Numeracy to PE


Making cross-curricular connections is a key part of designing a PE curriculum. Maybe you’re teaching students the Virginia Reel in PE to connect with a Westward Expansion unit or using measurement skills to determine distance while practicing track and field events which naturally connects with a math unit. Whatever the cross-curricular connection, reinforcing student learning in the classroom in physical education class helps not only the students but the teachers as well. Another benefit is the connection you make with classroom teachers. It’s a way to solidify the idea that we’re all on the same team, teaching the whole child, and working together to help students learn.

This week’s Game of the Week is called STOMP-CATCH-ADD-EXERCISE. Below are three ways to play this game while adding a touch of numeracy to PE. The videos below show kindergarten and First-Grade students playing the game. STOMP-CATCH-ADD-EXERCISE could easily be adapted for older students using subtraction and multiplication.  Finally, I like to incorporate STOMP-CATCH-ADD-EXERCISE as a station during class. It takes up limited space while offering an opportunity for exercise, teamwork, and numeracy.

If you don’t have the stompers or launch boards, no problem. I’ve also played the game where instead of launching the dice, students toss the dice in the air either to themselves or to a partner. Don’t let the large dice in the picture deter you from playing. I’ve also used small and medium-sized soft dice as well.

1. Partners Choose the Exercise

This is the version most often used in my PE classes. In groups of two or three, students each launch their dice. Once they catch their dice, the number facing up is the one they will use. If a student is unable to catch the dice, no problem. Just use the number facing up when it lands on the floor. Students then come together to add their dice. The sum equals the number of repetitions for the chosen exercise. Students each take turns choosing an exercise. Sometimes prior to the activity, we’ll brainstorm exercises and list them on the screen or whiteboard.

2. Match the Sum with the Exercise on the Screen

Other times I project a slide with the following image on our screen. Each of the exercises is a gif. Partners stomp, catch, and add the dice together. The sum of the dice determines which exercises to perform. For example, if the sum is four, students would complete 10 lunges as indicated on the slide. Click the link below or the picture for access to the slide.

Click STOMP-CATCH -ADD-EXERCISE for access to the slide.

3. Odd or Even

Fellow PE teacher, Kyle Bragg (@elemPE1) introduced me to his version of Stomp-Catch-Add-Exercise. When his students catch the dice, they add them together to discover the sum. Then they determine if the sum is an odd number or an even number. On the screen, he presents four exercise gifs on the  “odd” side and four different exercise gifs on the “even” side. Students choose an exercise on the screen based on whether the sum is odd or even. Another great way to add numeracy to PE.

Kyle Bragg (@ElemPE1) shares a video of his students playing their version of STOMP-CATCH-ADD-EXERCISE.

Special thanks to Kyle Bragg (@elemPE1) for his version of the game. Be sure to check out his Twitter account and Youtube channel for outstanding ideas.

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