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Study Plans to launch first AI for global admissions

The innovative mechanism will cover topics including studying abroad, scholarships and visa requirements as if it were an admission advisor. It is designed to be able to cope with any demand, request and inquiry coming from future students.

It is capable of providing answers in layman’s terms, easy to understand for inexperienced prospective students.

Furthermore, the AI Advisor tool is able to engage in conversation in over 50 different languages.

“International students who want to study abroad have a sincere desire but sometimes have limited English skills,” Jason Hall, the founder of Study Plans, said.

“Being able to communicate with students and parents in their local language helps assure they are comfortable asking questions and will understand answers to the fullest,” he continued.

“The school-age generation demands instant information”

Engaging with the AI Advisor is just the first step for the potential student, who can then subsequently register their interest in up to three universities. They will then be contacted by the three schools in due course in order to continue the enrolment procedure.

Meanwhile, Study Plans will utilise students’ feedback in a bid to further improve their experience.

Initially, the AI device has interacted with more than 500 students in over 20 different languages in a two-day trial.

“The school-age generation demands instant information, and prefers messaging over a phone call or lengthy email. Our AI gives students exactly what they want – instant answers to their questions through chat in their local language,” Hall concluded.

Rizwan Ahmed
Rizwan Ahmed
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