TADD 2022 – A Noteworthy, Helpful Idea with Annette Tabor – ADDA – Attention Deficit Disorder Association


In today’s TADD talk, Annette Tabor, discusses, “A Noteworthy, Helpful Idea.


And if you enjoyed today’s TADD Talk, you’ll want to learn more about what Annette has to offer.

Annette is an adult with ADHD. She was diagnosed late in life at age 50! Annette lives in Ft Lauderdale Florida with her husband, 2 amazing daughters and 2 awesome son-in-laws. Her 4 grandchildren are adorable! She retired a few years ago after 50 wonderful years of teaching! Annette is a member of ADDA’s Board of Directors and the Chair of their Education Commitee!

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