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Teacher Appreciation Printables

By participating in Teacher Appreciation Week, students and parents recognize the efforts of their teachers. We’ve created two free printables to help make it easy because this week can be a powerful way to build rapport between home and campus life, which can ultimately enhance the learning experience for everyone involved. Additionally, participating in Teacher Appreciation Week can teach students the importance of showing an attitude of gratitude.

The Science Behind Being Thankful

Studies show that when you share gratitude with others, your brain becomes re-wired in a positive way. Gratitude helps you

  • Feel happier: Gratitude can make you feel good by making more of the happy chemicals—dopamine and serotonin—in your brain.
  • Think better: Gratitude can help you use the prefrontal cortex (thinking part) of your brain more, which helps you make good decisions and solve problems.
  • Reduce stress: Gratitude can help you worry less and feel less scared by calming down the part of your brain that makes you feel anxious. 

Now that’s something for which to be grateful.

Free Printables

We made these printables available as a convenient way for parents to participate in Teacher Appreciation Week. Simply download and print the materials from the comfort of your own home for your child or work with other classroom parents to cultivate a display on the classroom door in the teachers’ lounge. Whichever you choose, you and your child can personalize the messages, which can make them more meaningful and memorable for the teacher.

This full-color, emoji-themed design prints on a standard 8.5×11 piece of paper. Just click and go.

“All About My Teacher” Printable

This full-color mini poster with fill-ins is a fun way for parents and their children to document the impact of their teacher. Download it here. (Did you know this page is also available as a pre-designed yearbook spread you can drag and drop into your Treering yearbook?)

Teacher Appreciation Card

We’ve made it easy to write a letter thanking teachers for all their hard work and dedication. Fill in the blanks of the card below. Thank you cards can be compiled into a scrapbook or displayed in the classroom. Download it here.

We hope these printables help to create a fun and festive atmosphere in the classroom. Teacher Appreciation Week is a way for students and parents to express gratitude towards the teachers who have had a positive impact.

We see you, teachers; your hard work and dedication are recognized and valued.

Rizwan Ahmed
Rizwan Ahmed
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