The Best Spring and Summer Casual Outfits for Women over 40


What you wear this summer will depend on several factors such as your personal style, the weather, and the occasion. I’m guilty of always sticking to my same trusty items (khaki pants and my blue denim jacket) when actually there are so many lovely, new stylish outfits available. 

With the arrival of the Spring season and with Summer around the corner could you embrace a little bit of colour and pattern? These always brighten your day and are a great way to give us all a boost of confidence, whatever your body shape and style. 

This month I’m working with Cotton Traders as they have launched a beautiful collection of clothing called #PatternPark to celebrate the start of spring fashion. We look forward to wearing lighter fabrics, bolder hues and trying new styles at this time of year. So here are our best spring outfits from their collection…

Seersucker embroidered Blouse

We love this pretty embroidered blouse with gorgeous summery lemons. A white seersucker, sheer sleeves top is the perfect wardrobe staple and will keep you cool and comfortable with minimal effort. 

With front fastening buttons and long sleeves for early spring, this a great piece to be worn throughout the season. Wear with a vest or camisole underneath or throw on top of a bathing suit. 

This type of blouse can be worn in many different settings and occasions, it works well with every day skinny jeans or shorts. This could be for an easy but stylish combination at a casual lunch with friends or running errands. It could be tucked into a midi skirt or trousers for a sophisticated look. The lushious lemon print would also be perfect for a wedding guest. Given the English weather it also would carry well under a blazer or jacket. 

We are a bit hooked on this item as lemons are such an iconic symbol of hot summers in Italy…


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