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The Parent Conference – Karen Go Soco | Dyscalculia Network

Karen Go Soco

Hi! I’m Karen Go-Soco, a full-time tutor for primary age children, with a background in primary education. I worked previously as a KS2 class teacher, but it was through my later work as a teaching assistant, supporting pupils with maths difficulties, that I came to better understand why some children just don’t get maths. This led to me starting my website, Fixit Maths, and training as a dyscalculia specialist teacher. Through my work, I’ve come to really appreciate the value of using maths games and love creating new games to use in my teaching and to share with others.


Maths games are a great way to practise maths at home and, in my webinar, I’ll explain the benefits of playing maths games and give tips for when doing so. I’ll show you how a simple game can be easily adapted to practise a wide range of maths concepts, skills and facts, focussing on what your child needs to practise.


We will explore several games which require no special equipment and very little preparation, all of which will be available to download.



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