The Ultimate Guide to Botany for Kids



I am particularly excited about this post talking about one of my favorite all-time topics: botany for kids! Add learning and the outdoors to the mix and I am giddy.

I collected and reviewed these 12 botany posts written over the years. These ideas are not only some of my most loved activities but children fall in love with botany activities, too.

Botany for Kids - 12+ Awesome Activities

These 12 botany posts should cover the interests of most children. When introducing any new topic, thinking about the type of learner and his interests is key. Don’t force a child to plant seeds if what he loves to do is count the seeds and monitor where they need or should be planted in a garden bed, for example.

Botany for Kids - 12+ Awesome Activities

Botany for Kids

Parts of a Flower
This post introduces Montessori’s Parts of a Flower puzzle and one work commonly associated with the puzzle.

Seed Matching
This botany activity uses a FREE download and concrete materials (erh…seeds). My sons loved this matching activity.

The Lifecycle of a Pumpkin
Perfect for a fall harvest unit and for laying the ground for a full year of garden learning.

Pumpkin Activities
This roundup of activities will give you everything you need for a pumpkin unit.

Apple Unit
Loads of awesome ideas for igniting kids’ desire to want to learn more about botany. Perfect for fall and covers the classroom areas.

Winter Trees Activities for Kids
We often forget the beauty and learning available to us during the winter months. Take a moment to go outside and observe the winter wonders.

Fine Motor Activity with Sunflowers
This post is a popular one with teachers, parents, and kids. The best part is that this activity involves completing the work cycle in the most literal sense.

Plant the sunflower seed, watch it grow and grow and grow, watch it die, harvest the seeds, and enjoy!

Learning about Pollination
Pollination is an amazing topic that often gets forgotten. I am fascinated by the fact that plants have masculine and feminine parts in order to reproduce. We can observe this fact in our everyday gardens.

Learning Parts of a Fruit
Another fantastic learning tool to conduct outdoors and/or with real fruit inside a classroom.

Introducing Parts of the Seed to Preschoolers
Kids love seeds! Especially when they can see and touch the seed. This activity provides plenty of opportunities for observation and awesome hands-on learning.

Parts of a Flower
Go outside and learn about the parts of a flower firsthand.

Botany for Kids - 12+ Awesome Activities

Do you have a favorite botany for kids’ activities? Be sure to check out my Living Non-Living Lesson, a core part of the Montessori life science sequence!

Check out these amazing botany for kids’ books on Amazon! Also, check out the Montessori Life Sciences Sequence of Lessons.



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