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The verb phrase-Quiz 3

afc functional English verb phrase mcqs:

AFC Students!!!

This is a great opportunity for you to test your knowledge of afc functional English verb phrase mcqs. You may  attempt this quiz as many times as you wish.Here is the best thing about this quiz.Not only the question order changes but the options change in order as well. so attempt this quiz as many times as you want till you get the required result.This quiz is also time based as you can clearly see the timer on the left bottom.This quiz will also act as an mock exam because all of the settings are made as per standards of exam set by ICAP.

so attempt the quiz with full confidence .

We hope and pray to ALLAH Almighty that our efforts may result in your exams and future success. AMEEN

If you fail the exam and needs updated study text then you can download it from here.


auditstudent.com team has taken every measure to ensure the quality and correctness of these MCQs. If you find any error let us know we will rectify it as soon as possible.auditstudent.com will not take credit for success or failure of any student caused by using our study material and mcqs/quizzes.






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Rizwan Ahmed
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