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Time Loop Puzzle Shooter We Are One Launches June 1

Fast Travel Games and Flat Head Studio announced a final release date for We Are One.

The game launches on June 1, available on Quest and PC VR via Steam for $19.99. We Are One was originally set to launch sometime this month, but never received an exact release date until now, so the new June 1 date is only a very slight delay. The news comes accompanied by a new trailer, which you can check out embedded above.

Here’s a bit more on what to expect in We Are One:

We Are One arms players with their better half – their clone! – to solve cleverly designed puzzles. Use time loops to tactfully place clones and blast through over 50 levels teeming with mechanical enemies hellbent on environmental destruction. Each action performed in a time loop is replicated by a clone in the next, challenging players to cooperate with themselves to defeat the machines.

We tried out We Are One back at Gamescom last year and felt it was “an absolutely solid concept that acknowledges the emerging timeloop genre and quickly applies its own spin.” For more, check out our full  We Are One hands-on from last year before the game launches net month.

Rizwan Ahmed
Rizwan Ahmed
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