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Timing in the new Academic Discussion Writing Task, Test Resources

I think the most frequently asked question about the new TOEFL writing task (“writing for an academic discussion”) is about the timing.  Test-takers want to know if the ten minutes provided for the task is for both reading and writing.  The answer to that comes from a Tweet by ETS:

The second task requires a limited amount of reading to provide a context for writing and help the writer form a response. The reading is part of the task, so it is included in the 10-minute response time.

So there ya go.  You’ve got ten minutes to read the question, read the student responses and write your own response.  That will require effective time-management.  I recommend quickly skimming the responses so that you can spend most of your time writing your own answer.

I do hope that ETS recognizes that a lot of people want to know this information, and that a Tweet (a reply no less) is probably not the best way to disseminate it!


Rizwan Ahmed
Rizwan Ahmed
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