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Tin Times Tables! | Dyscalculia Network

Tin Times Tables!

By Cat Eadle 

A quick fun game to work on any times table using items you have at home!

You will need:

A 12 tray bun tin (note Cat’s is an old very much used one!) 

Some counters or pieces or Lego or glass nuggets (anything small and easy to throw!) – a different colour for each player

A 12 sided dice (buy here – or cards labelled 1-12 (download here- Dyscalculia Network 1-12 Cards)

Pieces of paper or stickers to write the multiples of your chosen times table e.g. Cat chose 4s here so wrote out 4,8,12 etc. 

How to play – 

Put your chosen multiples cards randomly in your bun tray

Have a pile of counters (Lego pieces or glass nuggets) for each player- a different colour for each player

Decide how many rounds you will play – Cat usually choses at least 10 rounds (a round meaning each player takes a turn so 10 turns for each player) 

Take turns to throw the dice or pick a card e.g. throw 4 or pick a 4 card

Work out the times tables e.g. 4×4=16 or throw/pick 8 so 8×4

Take one counter (Lego piece of glass nugget!) and try to throw it into the correct bun tin hole. If you succeed leave the counter in the tin – if you get it in another tin hole or on the edge remove the counter.

Play your agreed number of rounds 

The winner is the person with the most of their colour counter in the tin holes by the end of the rounds!

Variations – you could have multiples cards and put the numbers 1-12 in the bun tin holes for a division version! 

Remember to reason the times tables (or division facts) using key facts and talk about your reasoning out loud with your other players!

Have fun! 

For help with the reasoning method – see this video –




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