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Tips for Passing the Colorado Real Estate Exam

1. Scheduling the Exam

It can take anywhere between 2 days to 2 weeks to schedule an exam depending on which location you will be scheduling to take your exam at. We suggest that you plan on scheduling your exam AFTER you complete the Summary Exams in the course. Do not schedule until you have the proper course completion certificates.

2. The Night Before Your Exam

The best thing you can do for your performance is to rest before testing. It has been proven that rested minds will perform much better than ones exhausted from last minute cramming. Besides, all that cramming won’t help you if you fall asleep at the test center!

We do not recommend an all-nighter the night before your exam. Perhaps a light review is good, focusing on major topic headings. But, remember, you are only going for memory joggers here. You have received the best instruction available for your exam and your career.

3. The Day of Your Exam

Nutrition helps! A healthy diet before the exam has physiological and mental benefits and is just as important to you as it is to an athlete before a race or game. We suggest you forego the cold pizza and soft drink for breakfast.

Leave home in plenty of time to arrive at the testing center. Plan to arrive 20 to 30 minutes prior to the start of the exam. Allow additional time for traffic or any unforeseen delays, like finding the testing center or finding a place to park. Running close to time will do nothing but add stress. Excessive stress will reduce performance!

4. Answering Questions

  1. First, answer those slam-dunk questions you know without hesitation
  2. Go back and answer those that require minimal analysis or thinking
  3. Finally, go back and work on those remaining questions that appear brain-damaging.

5. After the Exam

When you pass, you may apply for your real estate license. The application materials may be available at the test center.

In the unlikely event that you should fail one or both parts (think positively!), you will receive your score and a diagnostic showing the relative strength or weakness by major topic areas.

The test center is also a convenient place to have your fingerprints taken. You are already there, and the digital process they use has a higher success rate than ink-rolling.

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