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University of Alberta Folio: Study sheds light on the dark side of AI

To understand how to get artificial intelligence right, we need to know how it can go wrong, says researcher.

Artificial intelligence is touted as a panacea for almost every computational problem these days, from medical diagnostics to driverless cars to fraud prevention.

But when AI fails, it does so “quite spectacularly,” says Vern Glaser of the Alberta School of Business. In his recent study, “When Algorithms Rule, Values Can Wither,” Glaser explains how human values are often subsumed by AI’s efficiency imperative, and why the costs can be high.

“If you don’t actively try to think through the value implications, it’s going to end up creating bad outcomes,” he says.

Read the full article on the University of Alberta’s Folio website.

Rizwan Ahmed
Rizwan Ahmed
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