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Using Podcasts in Your Classroom – Laura Randazzo – Solutions for the Secondary Classroom

I was inspired this week by my teacher-friend Amber to build a worksheet that could be used with any podcast episode, sort of like the TEDTalk one available here. If you’ve been wanting to add more podcasts in your curriculum, you know the lesson will go better if you give students a concrete task to complete as they listen.

This worksheet (download includes both PDF and Google Drive options) is designed to give structure to students’ work, cultivate critical thinking skills, and enrich classroom discussions. Students also just really seem to like filling up these little grid spaces.

Worksheet includes 12 structured questions focused on the podcast producer’s content, production elements, and audience. No prior knowledge about podcasting is needed for your students to successfully complete the worksheet.

Whether you teach English, science, history, or electives, this podcast worksheet was designed to smoothly fit into your lesson plans as a supplemental activity. It’ll also work as an easy-to-deliver substitute teacher activity.

Want more lesson materials that dig into curated podcast episodes? Check out my Listen & Learn series, a collection that features high-interest podcast episodes that run about a half-hour or so on modern topics. 
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Rizwan Ahmed
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