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VanEd Real Estate Fusion – Real Estate License Classes

Sometimes referred to as “hybrid learning,” blended learning combines the traditional classroom experience with distance education, or online learning. VanEd now offers a blended real estate education program called Fusion that provides the hands-on expertise of an in-person real estate professional with the convenience of online classes.

Both students and instructors have their own particular styles of learning and teaching. Effective blended learning is a “best of both worlds” solution that can allow an instructor to cater to all learning styles, through a variety of learning modalities and training techniques.

Digital resources are updated more readily than textbooks, providing students and instructors with up-to-date information, as well as a wide variety of resource material. Webinars, videos, interactive games and Q&A with instructors are all important aspects of an online real estate course program.

Role of a Real Estate Teacher

In the blended classroom, the instructor clarifies difficult concepts, answers student questions, and individualizes instruction as needed. Students have the ability to track their progress online and self-pacing reduces stress, increases satisfaction, and aids information retention. When students attend the face-to-face class, they are prepared with questions and gain understanding of the more difficult content and concepts.

Advantages of VanEd’s Fusion Real Estate License Program

In real estate today, agents and brokers are increasingly expected to have a strong technology skillset. One aspect often overlooked in real estate classroom programs is the importance of being comfortable with technology – including online websites and apps. Competency and proficiency with online learning can be a great benefit of a blended learning model for real estate education students.  How to click on a link, to scroll down a page, to save written work, to navigate a website, and to use tab browsing are only a few of the skills needed for online learning. Blended learning provides a safe and non-judgmental environment, especially for older adults, in which to learn some of the basic technology skills needed for a real estate career.

The growth of digital media and the Internet has led to an explosion of resources and opportunities for real estate instructors. A shift is occurring in real estate education using mobile apps, video podcasts, social media tools, e-learning courses, and learning management systems, all of which help VanEd instructors to create and organize course work, provide real-time feedback, and communicate more efficiently. VanEd’s Fusion learning program has all of the benefits of a classroom program with the flexibility of online learning.

The students who register for a combination of real estate courses online and classroom do very well on the state licensing exam and pass on the first try If you have would like to learn more about VanEd’s Fusion blended learning program, contact VanEd at affiliates@VanEd.com. To find a classroom near you, go to www.vaned.com/blended.

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