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VR Skater Grinds Onto PSVR 2 This June

VR Skater is getting skateboard customization options and a new ‘Mega Ramp’, and it’s coming to PSVR 2 this June.

Note: This article was updated with a new headline and lede on April 28, reflecting the release date announcement. The original piece with minor adjustments, published April 19, continues below.

Developed by Deficit Games, VR Skater was previously confirmed for Sony’s new headset in January’s PSVR 2 Showcase alongside MADiSON and Ghosts of Tabor. Announced through a new PlayStation Blog, publisher Perp Games revealed the PSVR 2 port utilizes adaptive triggers to “adjust tension” and provide “the sensation of resistance” when steering in-game. A brand-new Mega Ramp was also revealed, which you can see in action below:

Customizable skateboards were also showcased, which feature adjustable decks, trucks, wheels, and grip tapes unlocked by completing challenges and leveling up in-game. These become available after unlocking the Print Tablet, which lets you upload custom textures into VR Skater that can be placed in any arrangement.

We enjoyed ourselves during our VR Skater preview on PC VR in 2021. Though we considered it tricky to learn, we believed VR Skater offers “a real sense of the speed involved with the sport” that flatscreen games can’t capture quite so well.

I’m not yet sure, though, if VR Skater is a bit too tricky for its own good. Bits of it definitely seem that way, but other bits of it are really pretty brilliant… Even without spending much time trying to master the game’s catalog of tricks, it’s immensely rewarding to gun it down the course with a sense of confidence I’ve never really achieved in real skateboarding.

VR Skater arrives on PSVR 2 on June 21, 2023 and a PC VR version is available now via Steam early access.

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