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VRChat Drops Quest 1 Support After June 2023

VRChat joins a growing list of VR games dropping Quest 1 support, ending after June 30.

“This is primarily due to Meta’s deprecation of the Quest 1 SDK, which will prevent us from keeping VRChat updated properly on the device,” states the team in a new developer update. It joins Onward, Zenith: The Last City, Synth Riders and Myst, who all made similar announcements these last few months, citing Meta’s decision to end Quest 1 support this year. Here’s what VRChat advised about this change:

After June 30th, 2023, we will no longer provide support for the Meta Quest 1 headset. Tickets opened with our User Support team regarding the Meta Quest 1 after that date will be informed that we no longer support the HMD and will not be able to provide assistance to users using it. Any time after June 30th, the Quest 1 may stop working entirely.

This isn’t the first time VRChat’s communicated plans to end Quest 1 support, having previously revealed the news during its April 13 developer update. Back then, no specific end date was provided and it only confirmed that support would finish “within the next 3 to 6 months,” making this announcement earlier than expected.

If you’ve got a gaming PC, the developer advises you can still use a Quest 1 headset to play the PC VR version through Quest Link, Virtual Desktop, ALVR “or other tethering methods.” However, VRChat notes that “those other applications may also be deprecating the Quest 1, so keep an eye on their announcements and news posts.”

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