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Vrgineers Develops Portable VR Combat Flight Sim Trainer

Enterprise headset maker Vrgineers has developed a portable VR combat flight sim system for training pilots on a wide range of combat aircraft, including planes and helicopters. The entire system fits into a single large case and can be deployed wherever it’s needed.

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Made from entirely commercially available off-the-shelf components, the system unpacks from a single large case with everything necessary get trainees into a simulated flight, including the company’s wide-FoV XTAL 3 headset, a computer that can power it, and a stick and throttle setup that mimics common combat aircraft. The company says that one person can get the system up and running within 30 minutes (you can see the whole process here).

Image courtesy Vrgineers

While Vrgineers is packaging all of the hardware together, partner Razbam Simulations is responsible for the simulated aircraft—including the F-15E Strike Eagle and its bevy of systems—which plugs into Digital Combat Simulator, a popular flight sim among enthusiasts and professionals.

Image courtesy Vrgineers

While the company says the system is designed for affordability, at the time of writing they have not released a specific price, though we’re guessing it will run in the tens of thousands of dollars—which seems like a lot but pales in comparison to many professional VR flight sim systems for pilot training.

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