Weekend Fun


Over the weekend there have been two different day trips. Saturday saw the climbers travel down to Castle Inn Quarry near Colwyn Bay. We were a little concerned as we drove through the odd shower and wet roads, but were greeted with dry rock and perfect climbing conditions. The group had a broad ability range, so we set up climbs to offer a range of challenges for everyone. The 17 climbs on offer gave pupils a chance to experience grades from 3+ to 6c – allowing them to find something to enjoy and push their climbing. For some it was their first time climbing outside, and they transferred what they have been working on inside to rock nicely. The more experienced in the group really embraced the more difficult routes on offer to expand on what they’ve done already.

Yesterday pupils travelled to OnePlanet Adventure for a day of biking. It was great to see new faces again, with half the pupils attending coming for the first time. Again there was an ability split, so we all rode up to the top together and descended the first half of the blue trail. At this point we split, with some continuing down the blue, whilst the other went down the red. After regrouping at the café for lunch, we then used the skills area to work on a range of things and have a bit of fun.

Another great weekend with motivated pupils.


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