What is ‘vision’ and why is it important for entrepreneurs?


Being a business owner, you have probably heard a lot of buzzwords flying around. ‘Vision’ is one of those buzzwords, it’s something everyone talks about, but what does it truly mean to have vision and why is it especially important for entrepreneurs?

What does it mean to have vision?

Having vision essentially means having a sense of purpose and direction when it comes to your business. It means you can see where you want your business to go and the impact it will have in years to come. 

Depending on where you are in your journey as a business owner, this might feel daunting, or exciting. Try to lean into excitement. Give yourself permission to daydream. Dig deep and think about why you started your business, what hopes did you have for it when it was a seed of an idea? Often having vision simply means coming back to that. 

Your vision can also change. Perhaps you launched your business for one reason, but over time your priorities have shifted, or you’ve found a different approach that suits your values. This is all totally OK. Just try to check in with your vision regularly so you have a good idea of what it is. 

Why is having a vision important for entrepreneurs?

Vision is made up of your passion, hopes and dreams. It becomes the rocketfuel you need to move forward, so you can get closer to making your vision a reality. 

Being a business owner can feel like you’re on a rollercoaster at times, with incredible highs and crushing lows. During the luls, your vision can serve as a reminder of why you’re doing what you’re doing. It can motivate you to keep going and find a way of making it happen. 

If you have employees, it also offers a chance for everyone to get on the same page. Sharing a common vision helps people feel more involved and purposeful in their work. It can also offer inspiration, sparking new ideas for how you can get closer to your vision. 

Having vision means having a direction and this can help you spot when you’re going off-track. It can be easy to lose sight of your vision, perhaps you’ve become excited about something the industry is raving about, even if it’s not quite right for your business. Maybe you’ve spoken to other business owners who are giving unsolicited advice. Making you question things.

Coming back to your vision is like coming back to a footpath after getting lost in the woods. It offers a clear way forward, helping you feel grounded and sure of the journey ahead. You may find it helpful to ask yourself ‘does this serve our vision?’ before making business decisions to really ensure you’re staying on-track. 

What to think about when setting your vision

When you’re setting your business’ vision, try to go into it with a positive mindset. Fear can cloud our vision and may encourage you to opt for a ‘safer’ vision that feels less risky. The truth is, your vision is not the place to play it safe. It’s the place to dream big and be ambitious. Try asking yourself what your business could achieve if there were no limitations, and go from there. 

It can also be helpful to get specific with your vision. Being as clear as possible and including detail can help it feel more tangible, giving you something to grab ahold of. 

How to maintain your vision as an entrepreneur

A simple way to keep your vision front of mind is by having it up, somewhere you’ll see it every day. This could be as simple as a post-it note on your desk, or as grand as a painted mural in the office. 

Another helpful way of staying accountable to your vision is to ensure you involve other people. This might mean getting your employees to help you set the vision (they may see something you don’t) or even working with a business coach who can help you set and maintain your vision, day-to-day.

Reflection is also a helpful tool here as we can often take great strides without even noticing. Make a point of checking in with your vision regularly, looking back at what you’ve achieved and celebrating just how far you’ve come. 

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