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What to Take to Your Next Teacher Interview – Mrs. D’s Corner

Going for a teaching job interview can be nerve-wracking, but with the right preparation and mindset, you can increase your chances of success. Here’s what to bring with you to your teacher interview!

What to Take to Your Next Teacher Interview

It’s important to make sure that you have all the necessary documents and materials to present at the interview. This includes everything from carrying extra copies of your resume and references to having a professional portfolio ready.

Taking these items along with you will give your interviewer an insight into who you are as a teacher and what kind of impact you could have in their classroom or school. In this article, we’ll look at some key things to take with you when attending a teaching interview so that you’re well-prepared for any situation!

Must-Haves for a Teacher Interview


Portfolios can include a wide range of items, so it all depends on what you want to put in them and what you want to highlight. Some of the things commonly found in a teaching portfolio include the following:

  • a resume
  • clearances
  • certifications
  • transcripts from all undergraduate and graduate colleges attended
  • test scores/PRAXIS
  • evaluations
  • references
  • sample lessons
  • unit overviews
  • artifacts

My portfolio is kept in a 2-inch binder, but you may need more or less room for your materials. People also make digital portfolios, but I prefer to have a physical copy that the panel can see right away and get a feel for how I work.

Samples to Back Up Answers

There are always those questions that you get asked during an interview where you know you have things to back up or demonstrate the answer. Those are the things to bring with you and place in your bag versus in your portfolio. It makes it easier to quickly grab them and show them to the panel.

Favorite Lessons

“Tell us about your favorite lesson to teach.” If ever there was a common interview question, that is it. Since I know that the odds of them asking it are high, I keep a copy of my favorite lesson plan, any student work samples, and pictures (without faces!) of the lesson in action. That way, instead of just telling them about the lesson and watching their eyes glaze over, I can show them what happened, how excited the students were, and how effective the lesson actually was.

Student Work Samples

Sometimes you get asked how you would help a student who is struggling with a concept. In those instances I pull out samples of student work that demonstrates how I have handled it in the past. It could be a sample from when the issue was first identified, samples from working on the skill, and then a sample of when the student succeeded.

Other Things You Might Want to Include

Some of the other things I keep in my teaching interview bag are samples of letters from students and parents, student drawings and cards, and a lot of different work samples. You might also want to include samples of parent newsletters and other communications home. This helps to show how you build rapport with families and community with your students.

What to Look for in a Bag for Your Teaching Interview

When looking for a bag to take with you on your teaching interview, it is important to make sure that it is professional and has enough room for all of the items listed above. It should also have multiple compartments so that you can easily organize and find what you need without having to dig through everything.

Look for bags made specifically for teachers or professionals, as these are usually the most organized and efficient for carrying all of your materials. Above all else, make sure that you have everything you need to confidently answer any questions thrown your way during the interview. Being well-prepared can make a huge difference in how successful your teacher interview goes!

Your teacher interview is an important opportunity to show off your skills and make a great impression. With the right preparation, you can increase your chances of success by having all necessary documents and materials at hand. Make sure that you have everything from extra copies of your resume and references to samples of your favorite lesson ready so that your interviewer has insight into who you are as a teacher.

Finally, look for bags made specifically for teachers or professionals when transporting all of these items – this will help ensure organization and efficiency throughout the process! Plus, it will make you look the part and show how organized and efficient you are. Interviewers love to see prepared interviewees!

With preparation, you can make sure your teaching interview goes off without a hitch. Good luck! You can do this!


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