What’s Holding You Back In Your Life After Teaching? | Life After Teaching™


The “I’m stuck” mindset can be detrimental to anyone trying to make their exit from teaching or develop a side hustle.  So many teachers feel like they have no options.

This is a mindset I lived in.  I figured that this was the career I chose, and it was just something I had to live with until I retired.  After all, what would people say if I left?  The reality is that we are not stuck in life.   Darren Hardy, the author of The Compound Effect, gave this advice, “What controls your attention, controls your life.” 

I had to learn to focus my attention and energy on finding all of the possibilities out there for me.  I stopped spending time scrolling through articles on everything horrible in education and instead started reading articles on how to level up my skills.  We have choices in life.  Whether you are a teacher of 2 years or 20 years, you have a choice in what you decide for your future.  We can have our dream.  If you need further proof than our Life After Teaching group stories and podcasts, then check out the More Than Teachers Summit and see for yourself the incredible opportunities that are open to you.  


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