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Which Inn of Court scholarship should I apply for?

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Training to become a barrister is incredibly expensive, but thankfully the Inns of Court offer scholarships to students to assist with some of the associated costs. The catch is, whichever Inn offers you a scholarship is the one you have to join as a student member, so don’t take this decision lightly. Although it’s true that most Inns offer similar services, many students prefer a specific Inn and some people base their choice of Inn entirely on where they feel they’re most likely to get a scholarship.

To find out more about what joining an Inn really involves, see LawCareers.Net’s guide to the Inns of Court.

Here’s a breakdown of the scholarship application process for each Inn of Cour

Lincoln’s Inn

There’s a total of around £1.5 million available for around 100 Bar course students. There are 10 Lord Mansfield scholarships worth £25,0000 each up for grabs while the rest are all means-tested. Students apply through the Inn’s website and a select few then proceed to the interview stage of the process.

The interview process involves a three-person panellist and students are sent a list of question types beforehand. Scholarships are awarded solely on merit, but all scholarships except for the Mansfield ones are means-teste

Inner Temple

There’s £1.5 million available for the Bar course, with about seven awards ranging between £20,000 and £22,000. Students apply through the Inn’s website and a select few then proceed to the interview stage of the process.

The interview process entails a panel interview with set questions. Those who were awarded a scholarship for the Graduate Diploma in Law are automatically entitled to funding for the Bar course, but they can apply for higher awards. Like Lincoln’s Inn, emphasis is placed on academic excellence, but the awards are means-tested.

Middle Temple

There’s usually around £1.1 million available for Bar course students and all scholarships are means-tested. Somewhat unusually, Middle Temple interviews every single applicant in a 15-minute panel interview.

The interview itself can feel incredibly stressful due to the short time available but that’s the price of interviewing every applicant. The interviewers will test a range of skills and then award based on merit.

Gray’s Inn

There’s £1.4 million available for around 80 Bar course students. Awards are all means-tested but can go as high as £30,000. Students apply through the Inn’s website and shortlisted applicants are interviewed by a three-person panel.

Candidates are given one or two topics to consider 15 minutes before the interview but they aren’t allowed to use their phones to Google or research them. Scholarships are awarded on merit and then considered in conjunction with the individual’s financial background.


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