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Why Attend a Beachside Conference for Elementary Teachers?

If you’re an elementary educator and you’ve not been to the Elementary Technology Conference (ETC), you’re missing out on a beachfront conference that’s the only one of its kind. But you’ve still got time to sign up for the lowest price. Early bird pricing ends at midnight on April 6!

Not only is it one of the most fun conferences around, but it’s also completely geared to elementary educators in any role (which is why it’s so fun, am I right?). It’s right off the beach in Galveston, Texas and, an attendee favorite perk, breakfast and lunch are included. But I digress. Let’s look deeper into what makes ETC is so popular.

Top-Notch Speakers and Quality Sessions

Sessions are truly meant for elementary educators, so each one is applicable to you. And all our speakers understand why elementary is so unique! The Session Listing is posted, so go ahead and take a look at what’s offered. You’ll find sessions focused on:

  • Content areas like math, literacy, science, computational thinking/coding…
  • Skill-building for specific roles like coaches, librarians, administrators, teachers…
  • Technology tools and strategies to pair with subject areas to boost learning…
  • And more.

We’ve assembled a team of leading educators to speak and teach, providing you with guidance, tips and tricks, knowledge of useful tools, and insights into what’s worked for them. And you will be able to apply what you learn directly to your work.

Networking and Collaboration

four photos of teachers collaborating and networking at ETC

ETC also offers plenty of opportunities to meet new people. You’ll get the chance to interact with some of the friendliest and most supportive speakers around. You can mix and mingle with other ETC attendees during sessions and activities to brainstorm, idea swap, discuss sessions, and more. Since breakfast and lunch are provided, there’s extra time to chat over delicious meals in a casual and relaxed setting. Then, when the day is done, you can head to the beach with your new ETC friends to relax, unwind, and enjoy some fresh air and sunshine. There’s no bonding like beach-time bonding!

Fun in the Sun

Photograph of pleasure pier in Galveston, Texas
Pleasure Pier in Galveston, Texas

Speaking of beach-time bonding, you’ll have time to explore or relax in Galveston. Sure, it’s PD during the summer, but it’s not all work and no play! With 32 miles of beaches, you can kayak, surf, enjoy more than 500 species of birds, fish, and more – or lay back and read that new book in your beach chair. Plus, there are many options for dining, shopping, touring, and cruising in addition to fun attractions like museums and the historic Pleasure Pier.

Research on the Impact of Professional Development

All this sounds great, but what does the research say about the connection between professional development and student achievement? Does it really make an impact? Yes.

An article by Learning for Justice explains that one wave of research in the 1960s focused on teaching skills. The results showed that student acquisition of basic skills was minimally to moderately impacted. However, a second wave of research in the 1990s that focused more on student learning and content areas indicated that student achievement was “consistently higher,” showing growth in both basic and advanced skills.

“Extended opportunities to better understand student learning, curriculum materials and instruction, and subject-matter content can boost the performance of both teachers and students.”

Learning for Justice concludes that professional development directly – and positively – impacts student learning when it is focused on content, student thinking about the content, and aligns with actual work experiences.

Why not take the opportunity to attend quality sessions that positively impact your work AND relax at the beach? Join us June 11-13 in Galveston, Texas for the elementary educator event of the year! Hurry and register by midnight on April 6, for an early bird discount of $40 off!

Rizwan Ahmed
Rizwan Ahmed
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