On my trips downtown on the Metrobus, I have noticed a German restaurant called “Restaurante Fritz” along the bus route.  The place has a long history.  According to the restaurant’s website, it was founded by a German immigrant named Fritz Brack who came to Mexico in 1940.  (It would be interesting to know the story behind his migration.  Was he escaping the Nazi regime or perhaps military service?)  Anyways, both Alejandro and I like German food, so last Saturday we decided to give the place a try.

I don’t think the decor has been changed since the 1940s.  There was a stage at the front where a musician was playing the guitar and singing songs in English, Spanish and German.  (I later asked him if he was from Germany, and he said “yes”.)

Alejandro and I both ordered the lentil soup as a starter.

For our main course Alejandro ordered the goulash, and I had schnitzel stuffed with ham and cheese.

Our meals were good, but not spectacular.  We have had better German food back in Ohio… and obviously I’ve had much better in Germany.  It is not a place that we will return to frequently.  However, it was a change of pace and an overall pleasant experience.

Rizwan Ahmed
Rizwan Ahmed
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