Winsome B2S Resources


Today was our first day of school; what fun I had volunteering as a hallway monitor and welcoming new-to-district students, helping them find where they were going. And tonight, I’m thinking about the word winsome, because somebody used that word to describe me recently.

Full disclosure, I had to look it up because it’s not a word I hear a lot.

And it made me smile to think someone sees me like that.

So I’ve worked with intention to gather some winsome resources

that might help you find your winsome smile as you go back to school.

I saw a teacher putting one of these up on her white board, so I popped in to inquire about it. She said that the kids LOVED these last year and couldn’t wait for the next one once once was completed. So it’s basically like the old paint by numbers, but instead of numbers it’s letters and instead of paint it’s colored sticker squares. She lets her students who finish early come work on it, kind of like what I did with my magnetized Scrabble letters. Oh, how I wish I’d have had this in my room last year.

I mean, who doesn’t LOVE a catchy SEL song, dance or both?

And free samples are always welcome with today’s budget constraints.

My 8th graders absolutely adore these little treasures. So I gave them out to staff members and guess what? Adults love them, too. Stick them back to back and hole punch to carry around on your key chain. Or stick them to your phone, your computer, a bag that you carry.

Attach a little note that reads:

If my brain needs a reset, these strips are my go-to for CALM to-go.

For your mindfulness bulletin board, get some sequin fabric or

Here’s another winsome calming tool that kids gravitate toward.

would take them to their desks so they could breathe with the bubbles.

It’s so silly that your young students will be belly-laughing.

And, if you’re allowed to have an essential oils diffuser,

consider adding this lighted one to freshen up your classroom.

Need a winsome movement activity to engage our older learners? 

This one is awesome because it’s double-sided for two levels of play.

Finally, check out this colorfully-winsome song by my friend Shayna Rose.

Happy new {school} year, dear reader; which new-to-you 

resources are YOU looking forward to using this school year?



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