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Women & Hi Tech – Grown from STEM: April Edition

Dear Women & Hi Tech Members, Sponsors, Partners, and Friends:

In today’s market, you’re often more likely to encounter individuals who have non-linear careers than linear careers. Rather than climbing the career ladder, modern professionals are traversing an ever-changing lattice of jobs and opportunities. Although it was common for Baby Boomers to have fewer than 10 jobs their entire adult career (ages 25-50), Millennials and Gen Z are entering a job market where career flux is the norm. For example, it’s not uncommon for current professionals to hold a job that has seemingly little to do with the degree they received, or early career experience or expectations they have garnered.

For the past few months, we’ve profiled current and past Women & Hi Tech board members, highlighting their STEM career journeys and elements that have led to their success. Some of these women have had careers that went straight from point A to B; but many have taken a wandering journey to arrive in a STEM role where they feel valued and have impact. Take as an example our President-Elect, Angela B. Freeman, who started out as a Molecular Biologist and is now a Patent Attorney. Also, Past President, Audrey Taylor, founder and CEO of netlogx; she has become one of the most celebrated female businessowners in the state of Indiana without having any secondary education at all.

Sharing this wide variety of stories with you is intentional because we know it helps people understand how to make changes, advances, and take risks in their own careers. What unites these stories is the emphasis on a strong network, a supporting tribe, as well as mentors and champions that keep women grounded, oriented, and moving in the right direction in the ever-changing landscape of women in STEM. We are proud that Women & Hi Tech has supported and sustained this community over the last twenty years, and we will continue to highlight the stories and faces of female leaders that will guide Indiana into the future as a recognized leader of female STEM talent.

Our board profiles this month feature Tiffany Trusty, Manager of Mobile Medical Apps at Eli Lilly and Company, and Lori Boyer, Software Engineer at Barnes & Thornburg, LLP. Both are currently doers and leaders of Indianapolis’ vibrant and growing tech community. We hope sharing their stories offers insight into your personal and professional growth, and inspires you to positively impact your own life, our community, and women in STEM.

Profile:  Tiffany Trusty, Board Member Emeritus and Manager, Mobile Medical Apps, Eli Lilly and Company

Profile:  Lori Boyer, Communications Director and Software Engineer, Barnes & Thornburg


Darcy Lee

Women & Hi Tech President


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Rizwan Ahmed
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