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You Have To See the Wedding That Took Place in This Kindergarten Classroom

Love is in the air in Christopher Heath’s kindergarten classroom in Virginia. He knew right away that there was a special connection happening between Q and U, and there had to be a special way to honor it. So he decided to throw a wedding, complete with a flower girl and ring bearer.

We first learned about this epic wedding in this TikTok video. This is the wedding of Q and U, as told by teacher Christopher Heath.

How did this idea come about to have a Q and U wedding?

I had seen other teachers do different adaptations of it on social media, but I first learned about it when I was student-teaching in kindergarten. My mentor teacher, Mrs. Powell, had mentioned it as one of her favorite things to do every year, so I put it on my list of things to do because she is truly an amazing teacher and I owe so much of my teaching ability and style to her.

What was involved in preparing for the wedding?

The wedding was simple to put together, believe it or not. I planned it around when our phonics curriculum was going to introduce the digraph “qu.” It probably took me about 30 minutes to set up after school. I just hung white tablecloths around my room, threw up some Q & U balloons, and set out a reception table with snacks and our activities for the day.

What were the different jobs/tasks students had for the wedding?

Students had a variety of jobs such as ring bearers, flower girls, confetti throwers, waiters and waitresses, and of course the bride and groom.

How did the wedding day go?

It went really well! The kids all enjoyed themselves and were super-involved in pulling the whole thing off. The little boy who played the letter U kept asking if he could get married again—it was hysterical!

See this classroom wedding of Q and U

How do you bring such creativity into your classroom?

Teaching really is my creative outlet. But social media has had a huge influence on things I do in my classroom. I’ll see an idea and I’ll modify or adapt it to work in my room! Teachers are truly some of the most creative people out there, and the amount of ideas put out into the world of education is mind-blowing!

How does doing things like this help students learn and retain information?

I think doing the nontraditional things like classroom transformations truly makes the students fall in love with school, which in return lets us teach the curriculum because they’re excited to be there. The wedding is hopefully going to be a memory they never forget, so moving forward, anytime they see the letters q and u together, they’ll know their teacher wasn’t just crazy and extra!

Any other things like this that you’ve done in the classroom?

This year I have done a ton of classroom transformations! We’ve done the 50th day of kindergarten, which was all 1950s themed. We also had a Polar Express Day. Each time, it’s a lot of work, but looking back on the year, these are some of the moments my kids talk about the most.

Q and U Classroom wedding

What do you want other creative teachers like you to know about investing time in things like this?

I want other creative teachers to know that these are the moments that count. Taking the time to do these things may be extra work, but they are some of the most rewarding lessons. I often get asked “How do you afford this stuff?” And my answer is always “Clearance shopping!” Anytime I visit a craft store, I always scan the clearance items, and nine times out of ten, there is something I can use for things like this.

See the TikTok video about the wedding:

@teachwithheath_ Q & U Wedding Classroom Transformation! 💍💒💕 I’ll just add ordained minister to my many hats that I wear as a teacher 😉 #kindergarten #kindergartenteacher #classroomtransformation #classroomoftheelite #qanduwedding #quwedding #phonics #scienceofreading #teachwithheath #teacherlife #kinderlife #classroomparty ♬ All Of The Girls You Loved Before – Taylor Swift

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