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Your prior learning on Coursera may count toward a degree at Empire State University – Coursera Blog

In the fall of 2023, Empire State University (SUNY Empire) began accepting credit for courses and credentials on Coursera with ACE Credit Recommendation.

That means you may be able to to receive college credit (ranging from 1 to 18 credits) after you complete programs on Coursera that have ACE Credit Recommendation, potentially saving you time and money on your degree.  At SUNY Empire, tuition costs a fraction of what you would pay at private institutions, at $295 per credit for New York residents. You also have options for advancement with more than 120 undergraduate programs to choose from.

Advance in Business

Explore SUNY Empire’s online Bachelor of Business Administration which will prepare you to manage and lead in business and organizational contexts in a rapidly changing world. This B.B.A. is designed to build on your prior experience, whether that’s a previous two-year degree in business studies, or time spent working in business-related industries.

Advance in Tech

Or consider SUNY Empire’s online Bachelor in Science, Math, and Technology which prepares you to advance in tech. The program pairs you with an academic mentor to develop a specialized concentration in IT, CS, or other high-demand fields, understand its fundamentals, put it into practice, and communicate your findings with confidence.

SUNY Empire’s Approach to Online Education

SUNY Empire has been providing online programs since 1995. Students can access holistic online student supports anywhere in the world. This includes 24/7 online tutoring, interactive learning tools, online student engagement programs, career programming, and free and confidential mental health counseling for all students.

In addition to flexible, fully online programs, you’ll also gain access to:

  • Mentorship: Every degree-seeking student gets a mentor. Your mentor is a trusted advisor who helps you along your journey.
  • Opportunity Programs: SUNY Empire offers seven opportunity programs that promote equity, inclusion and success for all.
  • Military Support: SUNY Empire is the largest-serving, four-year military-affiliated institution in the SUNY system.

To learn more and apply, visit sunyempire.edu/mkt/dol-coursera or explore transfer credit opportunities and outcomes at SUNY Empire.

Rizwan Ahmed
Rizwan Ahmed
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