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10 Best Spanish Movies to Watch on Hulu April 2023 – Busuu Blog

With all the great content available these days, you’ll never run  out of great content to watch. Take, for example, the selection of Spanish movies on Hulu.

For those learning Spanish from home, it’s so important to find ways to hear and learn from native Spanish speakers. After all, immersion in the language helps us improve our accent, listening, and spoken Spanish. That’s why listening to music, reading books, and watching films and TV matters so much. Plus, it’s fun! 

Fortunately, like Netflix has great Spanish movies and Spanish series, Hulu has tons of Telemundo Spanish-language TV content for you. 

Unfortunately, when it comes to truly good Spanish movies on Hulu, the choices are perhaps a little slim – Latino movies on Hulu are somewhat lacking – but their Latino TV section is much stronger. 

Nonetheless, there are some worthwhile movie night options. Today, we’ll look at the Spanish movies Hulu has to offer in 2023.

Improve your Spanish from your sofa with these 10 Spanish movies on Hulu

These movies are great for Spanish language learners, but they’re also just super watchable films, regardless of whether or not you’re brushing up your español

With genres ranging from drama to documentary to kid-friendly animated movies and beyond, get ready to turn on your subtitles and watch the best Spanish movies on Hulu. 

*We’ve noted in our descriptions where these Spanish movies were produced, since, just as you’ll hear different French accents in the best French series on Netflix, there are different varieties of Spanish. There’s a big difference, for example, between the Spanish spoken in Latin America and Spain.

1. Esto no es Berlín (This Is Not Berlin) – 2019

Tomatometer: 82%

Genre: Drama, Semi-autobiographical, Coming of age

Country of origin: Mexico

Probably one of the best Mexican movies on Hulu right now, Esto no es Berlín is an avant-garde, semi-autobiographical movie set in Mexico City in 1986 (and has a soundtrack to match). It follows a young misfit, 17-year-old Carlos, as he discovers a super-cool, almost mythical nightclub called the Azteca. One adventure leads to another, as he discovers the punk scene and underground nightlife of the city in this nostalgic flick.

2. Monos – 2019

Tomatometer: 92%

Genre: War movie

Country of origin: Colombia, United States

While top-quality Latino film content on Hulu may not be plentiful, that doesn’t mean there aren’t great films to be found. Monos is one such film. Made by Colombian-Ecuadorian Director Alejandro Landes, Monos is a grim but powerful war drama set among teenage guerilla soldiers training on a remote mountain in Colombia. It successfully combines the adventure, thriller, and mystery genres into a dark, critically-acclaimed film that pays homage to both Heart of Darkness and Lord of the Flies.

3. El Agente Topo (The Mole Agent) – 2020

Tomatometer: 95%

Genre: Documentary

Country of origin: Chile, United States, Germany, Netherlands, Spain

One of the best Spanish movies on Hulu right now – and probably the best – is El Agente Topo, a sweet, quirky documentary about an 83-year-old Chilean man who’s charged with going undercover at a nursing home for a private investigator. His task? Make sure the private investigator’s mother isn’t being abused at the nursing home. What results is an earnest reflection on aging, community, pride and compassion.

4. Ma Ma – 2016

Tomatometer: 25%

Genre: Drama

Country of origin: Spain

Okay, okay, it’s a low Rotten Tomatoes score. But when it comes to the Spanish movies Hulu has on offer, Ma Ma has one unique characteristic worth noting: it stars the fabulous Penélope Cruz giving one of her best performances. The movie can be a bit dreary – it’s about a teacher who’s been diagnosed with breast cancer bonding with a man who’s lost his family in a car accident – but those who like Ma Ma praise it for Cruz’s top-notch performance and unstoppable charisma. 

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5. Ozzy – 2016

Tomatometer: 36%

Genre: Kids, Animated, Adventure

Country of origin: Spain, Canada

While Ozzy boasts another unflattering Tomatometer score, it merits a mention as the only animated Spanish movie on Hulu made by Spanish creators and voiced originally in Spanish (there are also English and French iterations, as a Canadian co-production). 

This G-rated computer animated comedy adventure movie is about a sweet family dog making his way home after being trapped in a dog prison disguised as a doggie spa. Just maybe don’t show it to any young kids if you’re planning to leave your dog at a kennel while you travel anytime soon…

6. Cantinflas – 2014

Tomatometer: 45% (67% Audience)

Genre: Biography

Country of origin: Mexico

If you’re looking for funny Spanish movies on Hulu, Cantinflas has a certain charm. While not a huge hit with reviewers, this biographical movie about the real-life beloved Mexican comedian and actor Cantinflas fares better with audiences. The lead actor who portrays Cantinflas, Óscar Jaenada, has been widely praised for his portrayal of the comedian. And, for language learners, this film offers a double whammy of both exposing you to the Mexican dialect of Spanish and giving some insight into Latin American culture in the Golden Age of Hollywood. Those who don’t like the film, however, find it too earnest in its hero worship and somewhat lacking in nuance. 

7. Cartel Land – 2015 

Tomatometer: 90%

Genre: Documentary/Drama

Country of origin: United States, Mexico

One of the best Mexican movies on Hulu, Cartel Land is a documentary that switches between English and Spanish. Made by American Matthew Heineman, Cartel Land is a movie about the Mexican Drug War that was nominated for an Oscar for Best Documentary Feature in 2016. The film follows two vigilante groups, one in Arizona and one in Michoacán, who are fighting against Mexican drug cartels.

Those are 7 unique Spanish movies on Hulu
But something great about Hulu’s library is that it also includes many favourite English movies dubbed in Spanish. This is great for learners who want the added boost of knowing what’s going on so they can focus on the language (maybe even… turn off the subtitles?). Check out these Hulu movies with Spanish audio.

8. Shrek en Español (English Title) – 2001

Tomatometer: 88%

Genre: Animated, Comedy

Country of origin: United States

Looking for Shrek in Spanish? Hulu has you covered. This bombastic animated comedy about an anti-social ogre has recently garnered renewed attention as it passes its 20th anniversary. If you’re considering a re-watch, why not practise your español at the same time? You can finally find out whether Shrek yells “Donkey!” or “Burro!” in the Spanish dub.

9. Supernova en Español – 2020

Tomatometer: 87%

Genre: Drama, Romance, LGBTQ+

Country of origin: United Kingdom

Prefer something newer? 2020’s romantic drama Supernova, starring Stanley Tucci and Colin Firth, is one of the excellent dubbed movies in Spanish Hulu now has in its library. This LGBTQ tearjerker follows a gay couple going on a road trip, knowing that dementia is slowly setting in for one member of the loving pair.

10. The Purge en Español – 2013

Tomatometer: 39%

Genre: Horror, Thriller

Country of origin: United States

And, last but certainly not least of the dubbed Spanish Hulu movies, you can’t go wrong with a good old-fashioned scream fest. Unless you don’t like horror movies, in which case The Purge might not be for you, even en español. If you somehow haven’t heard of The Purge, it’s the perfectly fine horror movie – that launched a million sequels – about a fictional future in which one day a year, all crime is legal.

And that’s not all…

If you’re willing to get one of Hulu’s add-ons, or already have one (especially HBOMax), that opens up many more awesome Spanish movie options. But in the meantime, you have 10 good options – and a large portion of the Telemundo TV catalogue – at your fingertips. 

Movies and TV are a wonderful way to teach yourself some of the trickier elements of a new language. And besides, who doesn’t love movie night? So grab yourself a Fanta and some Takis and enjoy the 10 best Spanish movies on Hulu right now. 

Let’s take your Spanish from so-so to sí, sí!  

Busuu is an app that makes learning a language easier for everyone. Click below to start learning Spanish – or one of the other 11 languages we offer – in 10 minutes a day!


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