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World Tourism Network Iftar Party for Orphans in Bangladesh | eTurboNews – Travel Industry News

World Tourism Network thinks about Orphans during the Muslim Holy month of Ramadan. WTN Bangladesh Chapter goes all out.

Iftar is the fast-breaking evening meal of Muslims in Ramadan at the time call to prayer of the Maghrib prayer. This is their second meal of the day. The daily fast during Ramadan begins immediately after the pre-dawn meal and continues during the daylight hours, ending with sunset with the evening iftar meal.

On Tuesday, HM Hakim Ali, the Chairman of the World Tourism Network Bangladesh Chapter, organized an Iftar party for orphans, co-sponsored and hosted by the Hotel Agrabab in Chattogram, Bangladesh.

The hotel sponsored the party as part of its social responsibility activities in cooperation with WTN Bangladesh.

More100 orphan children attended the event. Children enjoyed delicious Iftar meals and various sweets.

WTN Bangladesh Chair, Mr. Ali was present at the event to welcome the children and to spend time with them during the party.

Speaking to reporters, Mr. Ali said, “We believe in giving back to the community and organizing this Iftar party for orphan children. It’s just a small step towards fulfilling our social responsibility.

Mr. HM Hakim Ali, Chairman of WTN Bangladesh

We want to bring a smile to the faces of these children, and we hope they will enjoy the event.”

WTN Chairman Juergen Steinmetz said in a message from the Hawaii headquarters of the organization:

“That’s very kind of Mr. Ali to give Ramadan goodies to all the orphans. It’s always heartwarming to see people spreading joy and kindness, especially during special occasions like Ramadan.”

The children were grateful to Mr. Ali for organizing such a memorable event.

The Iftar party is just one of the many CSR activities the WTN – Bangladesh Chapter planned for the year.

The organization is committed to positively impacting the community by supporting various social causes and initiatives.

World Tourism Network has members in 130 countries with a growing network of chapters.

For more information and how to join, visit www.wtn.travel

WTN Bangladesh

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